Beauty Chronicles: 5 Do’s and Dont’s For Natural Hair

February 22,2016

Beauty Chronicles: 5 Do’s and Don’ts For Natural Hair

I wish someone had given me tips on what to do and what not do with your natural hair. Being a newly- natural can become quite overwhelming. You’re frequently watching YouTube videos or trying different natural hairstyles recommended by your friends. Most of these attempts usually fail and you become frustrated. Sometimes you even consider putting in a relaxer again. I have 5 tips of recommended do’s and don’ts for your natural hair. Please take into consideration that these tips may or may not work for you.


  1. Be patient with hair- It takes time for a certain style or product to work. Have positive vibes!
  2. Reading is Fundamental! Always Read Ingredients or Instructions in the product/tools you use.
  3. Try New Products- Trying new products is a good thing, just don’t go overboard.


  1. Comparing Your Hair Type to Others- It drives you insane
  2. Negative Comments from Others- Don’t let people’s opinions about your hair faze you.



4 thoughts on “Beauty Chronicles: 5 Do’s and Dont’s For Natural Hair

  1. AJ says:

    I’ve been natural for quite some time. I agree that you can’t compare your hair to others! It will certainly keep you off focus. Everyone’s hair grows differently. It’s also great not to go overboard with products. When you find something that works for you, stick with it. I personally use the Shea Moisture line because of the lack of chemicals and abundance of all natural products. I love it so far, especially their Curl Enhancing Smoothie. It works miracles for a twist out! Apple Cider Vinegar is also great for the hair in terms of cleansing and clarifying. I found a hair masque with it in it from the Shea Moisture line so I don’t have to buy it separately! 🙂


  2. Sharon V. says:

    I really like this post because the tips go beyond just treating your hair. They are very much about the mindset you should have and the psychology of going natural. It really is something that can be stressful for the mind because for so long women of color have been told their natural hair is not beautiful and it takes a lot of getting used to when its new to you. I really love the way it also sounds like you’ve learned it through personal experience! It’s also pretty and easy to read.


  3. randomrainbowfgirl says:

    This was a great read for me because I tend to struggle with maintaining my natural hair. To avoid this, I stick to weaves and protective styles. Sometimes, I just want to let my scalp breathe and be comfortable with my natural hair. I can definitely relate to one of your tips about ignoring negative opinions about your natural hair because I have dealt with criticism throughout my childhood. Hopefully one day I will feel more confident in wearing my real hair using your tips. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Desire says:

    I have been natural since September. I did the big chop because I was not loving the chemical and heat damage my hair was going through. Your tips are extremely correct. With natural hair being a trend now, a lot of us love looking through instagram and comparing curl patterns.I sadly do this. Trying new products is a most. People now only use Shea Moisture because its popular but there are so many different products that work so much better.
    Great Tips!!!


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